Using advanced editing techniques such as frequency separation, dodging and burning, and color grading we ensure that your photos pop but still look realistic.

Looking for something a little edgier? Don’t worry, we’re not afraid to push pixels for dramatic effect.


For this portrait, we wanted a natural look, clean blemishes in the skin, and remove any distractions. We straightened the tie, removed the distracting highlight in the background, and de-wrinkled the shirt a bit. No Photoshop was necessary for the smile, though.

Red is a bold color, and we wanted to have a bold edit to match. The Biggest challenge for our lipstick shoot was maintaining definition in the Revlon logo while also keeping the look dramatic and contrasty. The background ads a lot of pizazz to the image.

Obviously, the background and stump are the most significant differences between what we photographed and the final image. Given the graphic design of the logo, we decided to have the bottle in the woods and on a stump. Even though we used cross-polarization to control the highlights on the glass bottle, we relied, as always, on frequency separation for cleanup.

The hard light and brightly-colored background immediately evoke feelings of summer. The smooth, textured surface was achieved through frequency separation and dodging & burning.